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Local Council Workshops

Artful runs workshops across Adelaide with councils to accommodate people of any level or ability.

We've run classes with;

The 3Rs Programme Burnside Council.

Meet Me Monday Group with Unley Council.

These classes have been focussed on hand building which is really what we call 'Pilates for the Hands' and decorative workshops with both classes igniting memory and creativity.

We have exhibited once this year since Artful arrived in Adelaide - the community class participants were thrilled to have their work on show!

What we deliver

We work with Local Council recreation co-ordinators to deliver engaging and interactive classes; the medium can be hand-building with clay or painting. Our approach is flexible based on the community sector, make contact to find out more. 


Workshops vary from 1 and a 1/4 hours to 4 hours.

Clay workshops, painting with water-colours and jewellery making made with beads. We are flexible and open to tailoring to your communities needs.

Claywork can be fired and returned within 2 weeks or claywork can be taken home on the day to dry naturally.