Terms and Conditions



General terms and conditions:

  1. Please choose your classes carefully. Due to our limited class sizes once you’ve paid the full fee in advance we will only refund what you have paid if the class is cancelled
  2. If you are unable to attend after booking you may transfer your booking to a friend for no charge.
  3. Please note that making ceramics on the wheel can be a physically demanding activity and it is usual to feel a little stiff initially. However, if you have any pre-existing or chronic injuries to your back, shoulders, neck, wrists or elbows you are strongly advised to seek a medical opinion before enrolling as some activities might exacerbate past injuries and we take no responsibility if this occurs.
  4. All work made during classes is to be used for personal, non-commercial purposes. 
  5. Teaching fees are fully inclusive of materials but students incur a firing fee dependent on the work they produce.  
  6. Adult classes are for 18yrs and above.
  7. Credit cards are accepted online.
  8. Please bring an apron, hand towel, note pad and pen.